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  1. Will Online Backup work if the computer is in sleep or hibernate mode? (viewed 3715 times)
  2. Can I use my computer while my data is being backed up? (viewed 2886 times)
  3. Will Online Backup back up my entire disk drive? (viewed 2830 times)
  4. What if I want to backup more than one PC? (viewed 2649 times)
  5. How can I remove files or folders I previously selected for backup? (viewed 2198 times)
  6. Does Online Backup support network drives? What about external drives? (viewed 1707 times)
  7. Why should I use SecurityCoverage's Online Backup instead of other options? (viewed 1597 times)
  8. Any suggestions on what I should back up? (viewed 1440 times)
  9. What is Online Backup and who should use it? (viewed 1438 times)
  10. What are the odds I'll really ever need to restore my data? (viewed 1398 times)
  11. Will Online Backup affect my PCs performance? (viewed 1376 times)
  12. What happens if my PC is not connected to the Internet? (viewed 1346 times)
  13. What kind of help can I get? (viewed 1322 times)
  14. What Operating Systems are supported? (viewed 1309 times)
  15. Can I use my existing Internet connection? (viewed 1307 times)
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