Online Backup Reinstall or Install an Additional Computer


One of the many benefits of Online Backup is that it can be installed on an unlimited amount of computers as long as you don't exceed your quota.  Each computer can then access the data you have backed up.


In order to install Online Backup on additional computers, follow the steps below.




Online Backup can be downloaded from your Welcome e-mail received after purchase


Online Backup Setup


To install the main Online Backup files, follow the installation steps outlined in the First Installation for Windows or First Installation for Mac section.


Online Backup Registration


Once the main software files are installed, it's time to register the product.


Find your license key used during the initial installation of Online Backup.  Your license key can be found in your Welcome e-mail, on your Online Backup account at, or where you wrote it down and stored it safely.  Once you find the license key, enter it in the License Key area as shown below and click the Next button.


When manually typing in the license key, you'll need to ensure you enter the dashes in the appropriate places.  If you successfully enter the key, the License Key field will turn green.



Online Backup will automatically recognize that you've use the license key before and that you are attempting to do a new install or a reinstall of an existing computer by showing you the Welcome Back screen below.



The registered e-mail will automatically be filled in for you. Enter in the Password of the account that was created during the first installation. Then click Next.


You will now be asked if this is a New Install or a Reinstall.



New Install


When installing on a new computer you will need to assign the new machine a PC Description.





If your machine was ever damaged or stolen, you could recover your backed up files by using the reinstall option.


After you have clicked the Reinstall button, it will ask you to choose the computer you would like to reinstall.



Click on the machine you would like to reinstall on and then click "Next."


Here you can choose if you want to "Restore Files" or "Restore Categories" from your previous Online Backup Installation.


 Important - When you restore files, a folder labeled "Online Backup Restore" will be created on your desktop. This folder will contain all of the files from your previous backup.


After your files have finished restoring, you will see the screen below.




CONGRATULATIONS...  You've completed reinstalling Online Backup or installing it on an additional computer.